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IBM BlueGene supercomputer
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IBM BlueGene supercomputer and adequate supporting network and computing resources


The EPFL Blue Gene is in the top 10 fastest supercomputers in the world and it has been acquired by the EPFL within The Blue Brain Project (BBP), a collaborative project with IBM, USA. The BBP is carried out in close collaboration with the IBM Computational Neuroscience Division, headed by Dr Charles Peck and located in the Watson Laboratories, . IBM personnel are also located at the Brain Mind Institute, EPFL. IBM contributes expertise in visualization, simulations, algorithms, Blue Gene optimizations and development of novel computational approaches.
In the last years, the Laboratory of Neural Microcircuitry head by Prof. Henry Markram, has acquired a massive amount of data on the composition and connectivity of the neocortical column. This data is currently being placed in a database. The Blue Brain Project will run on a 8000 processor Blue Gene/L prototype supercomputer developed by IBM. Blue Gene is now the worlds fastest supercomputer (1st place in the Top 500)
  1. The BG/LSystem was designed to simulate high-speed atomic interactions which also provides the optimal architecture to simulating neural interactions. Simulations optimzed for clusters using MPI messaging can easily be ported to run on Blue Gene.
  2. The BG/L Prototype System allows parallel processing of virtually any number of processors to meet the memory and speed demands of a simulation.
  3. The BG/L Prototype System can be scaled up massively to meet further computational demand.
  4. The BG/L Prototype System provides the foundation for further development on BlueGene/P, the next generation IBM supercomputer that will constitute a quantum leap in memory capacity and processing speed and whole brain simulations within the next 3 years.
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